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Peru needs to be tasted, not just seen. The Kites restaurant uses the freshest of ingredients combined with the rich culinary tradition of Peru.
A mouth watering exotic fruit buffet greets you every morning. For dinner, the catch of the day comes steeped in rich sauces, always with a bit of spice. When the sun gets hot, enjoy a refreshing cocktail with friends at the pool side bar. Sip Pisco sours or share an ice cold local brew with friend. Enjoy some of the best food and drinks in South America just a step away from your room.
Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Guava, Coconut, Maracuya. Begin every morning with a taste tingling explosion of flavors.
Not only is the variety of fruit amazing, but the flavor compared to what you get from a grocery store is incomparable. A buffet of fruit always headlines the morning meal, but we also have coffee, toast and eggs. Our chef specializes in crepes and waffles. Have some special cravings? Let our chef know and he'll whip you up something extra special.
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Our goal is to capture the freshness of the sea and the unique flavors of Peru in all our meals.
Kites Mancora dinners are inspired by the rich culinary history of Northern Peru. Every meal brings the exotic flavors of Peruvian cuisine to discerning taste buds. Sample the freshest ceviche with your friends and then have a cold Cusqueña beer to wash it down. Enjoy Peruvian seafood dishes that combine the freshest local catch with the rich spices and sauces of Peru. All this, while maintaining the celebratory mood of a Peruvian bistro.
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Sip a Pisco Sour at the bar, or nurse a beer in your hammock. Relax in our lounge while the Kite's bartender mixes up delicious tropical cocktails.
We designed the bar and patio area to bring people together. Couches and hammocks provide plenty of space to enjoy the company of fellow travelers from all over the world. The warm tropical nights in Mancora provide a great atmosphere to enjoy a drink with a friend. Retreat to your private patio for private drinks with that special someone. Our wait staff serves up concoctions wherever you are. Our specialty drinks include Daiquiri de Mango, Maracuya Sour, Piña Colada, Coco Loco, and our favorite, the infamous Pisco sour.